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NERDSummit 2020: Virtual Hackathon!

Sun, Mar 22, 2020, 9:00 AM (EDT)

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About this event

Do you like to code? Do you want to code? Have you tried to learn to code only to not know how to get started?

Let's work together and break our big ideas down into actionable tasks and get something done!

Come join us for a day of learning and practical hacking -- make new friends, sharpen your skills and develop new ones in a fun and encouraging setting.

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NERDSummit 2020: Virtual Hackathon!

Wow! We’re really doing it. We’ve put together a pretty solid plan, and there’s a couple of things we need you to do to be able to participate:

1. Join us on slack!

Slack is a web-based chat program that remote workers rely on for professional-quality communication and organization on a large scale! We’ll be benefitting from the existing NERD Slack which you can join using the following link:

Once you join Slack, head over to the #hackathon channel and introduce yourself!

2. Download and install Zoom:

Zoom is the industry standard for high-quality video conferencing, screen sharing, and more. We will be using Zoom to help mentors and participants organize their efforts and share their results. The specific Zoom rooms we’ll be using will be posted in the Slack channel, so please join there first.

3. Install Node and/or become familiar with Scratch

For beginner programmers, Scratch can introduce you to the idea of using logical components to create a digital outcome. You put together visual blocks which result in a computer program! Best of all, Scratch is free and web-based! You can start playing with it here:

As for Node, this is a server-side JavaScript implementation. You’ll need to install Node 12 LTS from the following link: and, if you’d like, you can get started ahead of time on the NodeSchool workshops:

4. Show up early on Sunday (9am!) and prepare to have fun!

On Sunday, we plan to start right at 9am, so please be online at that time for the best experience! We also plan to have mentors available to help you with anything you get stuck on. We’ll also brainstorm as a group general themes and ideas, and then those who are already well-versed in programming can split out into breakout sessions and hack-a-way! Others are welcome to get mentoring in either the NodeSchool and/or Scratch channels and zoom rooms.

At the end of the session, we’ll close out with presentations over Zoom from anyone interested in sharing their creations. We’ll then open it up for feedback, and we’ll learn and grow for next year!

Looking forward to meeting you all online :)

Best Regards,

NERDSummit 2020 Organizing Team


  • Chad Furman

    Chad Furman

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    Kelly Albrecht

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Sunday, Mar 22
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)


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