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Fabian Lopez

  • Appfire, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Lake Elsinore

About Me

Passion for collaboration tools that empower remote and collocated team members. Constantly exploring and implementing new technologies and methodologies to foster collaboration. Interested on team members interaction as well as customer and partners relationship growth. Enthusiastic Program/Product Manager and certified Project Manager Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM). Currently working as Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Appfire. Launching The Appfire Town - The Global Town with Heart and Soul, our social responsibility program for the Atlassian Ecosystem and more. Involved on product development, program and project management of the OS System implemented in more than 50 Hospitals and 500 clinics on the states of Texas, New York, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Caroline, Idaho and Oklahoma. Participated in business development in Mexico and South America and organized and executed international trade shows and symposiums in Argentina for more than 8,000 attendees. Founded 5 Atlassian User Groups (2 in Argentina and 3 in USA, currently running two of them). Recent recipient of the Atlassian Community Award "Exceeding Everest" for community contributions and for volunteering with the organization Warfighter Made that assists disabled and wounded veterans.