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Tom Crespi

  • Graybar, Mgr, (Org) Change Mgmt
  • St. Louis
  • Wholesale
Confluence · enterprise collaboration tools · organizational change management

About Me

Tom's academic background is in the biological sciences. His undergrad experiences included research and that interest in learning and discovery carried into early career experiences in quality improvement for companies including Chevron, Monsanto and Bayer (current American Society for Quality-sponsored certifications include Certified Quality Engineer) . More recently, organizational change management became a passion. The realization that employee engagement was a powerful factor involved for successful change led to his interest to explore, recommend and eventually to deploy a succession of collaboration tools over the past 15 years. These tools are also utilized in the change management practice he leads at Graybar (Fortune 500 distributor). He has spoken publicly about the value of collaboration applications in organizations, is on one popular application's Product Advisory Board, and has a certification that attests to his understanding of use of such tools and how to deploy them.