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Atlassian Community Events are free, user-led meetups happening in cities all over the world. Join us to meet other Atlassian enthusiasts!

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Jun 8, 2023

ACE in-person event

ScriptRunner Deep Dive

Join the engineers behind ScriptRunner for an in-depth Q&A on how recent product innovations across both Cloud and Data Center can accelerate your work. Plus, get sneaky insights into what they have in store for us down the road. Drinks, nibbles and automation acceleration guaranteed!

Past events

ACE in-person event

Impossible Alone: Advancing human collaboration to unleash the power of teams

ACE in-person event

LEGO® SERIOUS (not so serious) PLAY®

ACE in-person event

Appsterdam Marketplace Event

ACE in-person event

The missing link: connecting strategy to execution

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Tzoe Keat Chiam

Atlassian Consultant & LEGO Facilitator

Rik de Valk

Product Owner Atlassian