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Atlassian Community Events

Atlassian Community Events are free, user-led meetups happening in cities all over the world. Meet other Atlassian enthusiasts in your area and benefit from:
Valuable content
Deep dive into interesting topics through presentations led by other users, Atlassian experts, and even Atlassians!
All the swag!
Enjoy free food, drink, and swag from Atlassian and local Solution Partners.
Networking opportunities
Meet other Atlassian fans in your city and learn each others’ best practices.
Exclusive discounts
Save on certification exams and get early access discounts to Atlassian events and conferences.
Bring a friend
Community Events are free to attend and all are welcome. Bring a plus one (or three) and grow your local community!
The inside scoop
Be the first to know about the latest product updates and announcements from Atlassian.
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