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Become a Leader

Atlassian Community Event Leaders go above and beyond to create engaging, fun events. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of play!
What does it take to be a leader?
Leaders must host 4+ events every year, with support, resources, and reimbursement from Atlassian.
Engaging events drive repeat attendance and word-of-mouth referrals.
Good leaders listen to and advocate for their local community members and motivate others to get involved, too!
Leader Perks
Leaders get free, VIP access to Atlassian Team, free certifications, and discounted training.
Get special edition t-shirts, stickers, hats, and more.
First look
Be the first to hear updates and get direct access to product teams.
Learn more about community event leader rules, requirements, how to's and more
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Leader Guidelines
Learn how we ensure Atlassian Community Events are a success.
Leaders must be users
Solution Partners are now able to join our program. Partner applicants who have held well-received events (based on member feedback surveys) and are in good standing with internal Atlassian teams will be eligible to join our Leader program. In addition, Community Leaders who are employed by an Atlassian Solution Partner can continue to engage in any and all Leader activities, including hosting Atlassian Community Events. Partners will also be credited for continuity and event contribution perks for the initial events they hosted. Learn more here.
Events managed on
Third-party sites can be used for supplemental marketing efforts, but not event registration. Meeting details and RSVPs must be done via so we can track attendance and reimburse accordingly.
No sales pitches
The main goal of Atlassian Community Events are for users to get together and learn from one another. Partners or Marketplace vendors are welcome to speak on relevant best practices but sales pitches are not permitted. Leaders should review presentations before events.
Not for profit
There is no charge for attendees and organizers cannot profit off attendance.
Groups must stay active
In order to get the true benefits of a community, we encourage groups to meet monthly, but at a minimum, groups need to meet four times per year. If you haven’t hosted an event in more than 90 days, you are no longer considered an active leader.
Co-leaders are encouraged
We encourage Leaders to collaborate and divide up responsibilities. If you meet someone who is interested, let us know and we’ll set them up as a co-leader. If you’re interested in finding a co-leader contact your Community Manager who can help you find the right person. If you’d like to become a Community Leader, learn more on the Leadership page.
Exclusive Community Resources
Content in the Leader Hub
Leaders have access to presentations, sample agendas and best practices from Atlassian and other leaders. You’ll find everything you need to put on a first-class event.
Requests via Jira Service Desk
Use Jira Service Desk to request resources for events, from swag to reimbursements and everything in between.
Connect on Atlassian Community
The Atlassian Community is where the global network of Atlassian users go to connect, share and learn.
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Sponsorship for your event
We have over 250 Solution Partners around the world, and they frequently volunteer their time to work with local groups. Find out how they can help you with your next Community Event.
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