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Welcome to the Atlassian Community Bengaluru. Our aim is to connect with the Atlassian user community in Bengaluru and share best practices, product demos and new insights. We plan to do this via regular meetups & virtual events. Join us and be part of this exciting community.

Upcoming events

Dec 9, 2023

Hybrid event

Hybrid Event: GEN AI + JSM - the next frontier in IT support automation

Hello Atlassian Community Members, ACE Bangalore is excited to invite you to the exciting In-person event "GEN AI + JSM - the next frontier in IT support automation " in collaboration with Troopr. This is a Hybrid event and will also be available online if you cannot make it personally. Sign-up today

Jan 20, 2024

ACE in-person event

Unleash Agile & DevOps in Bangalore

Join fellow Atlassian product users, agile & DevOps practitioners, and super fans for a user-driven Atlassian Community event!

Past events

ACE in-person event

Atlassian Community Event: Jira Cloud Configuration Management and Cloning

Hybrid event

Bangalore ACE w/ Atlassian Co-Founder and Co-CEO Scott Farquhar

Hybrid event

Hybrid Event: Limitless Cross-Company Collaboration

ACE virtual event

Event#59| Deliver software at enterprise scale with Plutora and Jira

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