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Welcome to the Atlassian Community Bengaluru. Our aim is to connect with the Atlassian user community in Bengaluru and share best practices, product demos and new insights. We plan to do this via regular meetups & virtual events. Join us and be part of this exciting community.

Past events

Hybrid event

Atlassian Team '24 @ Bangalore

ACE virtual event

AI in the Atlassian Ecosystem + latest changes based on Team '24

ACE virtual event

Revolutionizing Test Case Design & Generation w/ AI & JIRA: Strategies & Demo

ACE virtual event

ITSM Strategies for SMART organizations

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Group Leaders

Vishnukumar Vasudevan

Atlassian Community Leader
KPMG Global Services

Sandesi Nagaraju

Atlassian Community Leader

Girish Shenoy

Community Leader
MicroGenesis TechSoft Pvt Ltd.

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