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Achieving Fast, Smooth and Predictable Delivery of Customer Value with Kanban Analytics

Mon, May 11, 2020, 6:00 PM (CEST)

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Achieving Fast, Smooth and Predictable Delivery of Customer Value with Kanban Analytics

In a fast-paced market where customer needs change frequently, quick response to demand is critical. Fast, stable and predictable service delivery starts with workflow optimization - a pursuit of continuous improvement based on data-driven decisions.

The Kanban Method suggests adopting analytical tools to manage workflows effectively. This webinar will revolve around the use of Kanban analytics to track the main flow metrics, spot bottlenecks brewing at a glance and make accurate delivery forecasts. We’ll discuss how to define service level agreements with more confidence as well as how to keep your commitments to be able to deliver value in a consistent, predictable manner.

About Nave

Nave is a Kanban analytics sweet that helps managers increase their team performance, identify bottlenecks with ease, and focus on improving flow efficiency. Nave uses the Kanban Method to reveal the fundamental characteristics of your workflows. We have enhanced the industry-standard analytical charts to help you manage your work effectively using a data-driven approach.

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  • Sonya Siderova

    Sonya Siderova


    Founder & CEO

    A champion of evolutionary change, Sonya holds an extensive track record in helping businesses improve their process efficiency, delivery times and team performance.

    With over a decade of experience in software development, product management and process optimization, Sonya knows how to affect the way people work together in order to build outstanding products.

    Sonya is the fo…

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Group Leaders

  • Hubert Kut

    Hubert Kut

    eBay Inc.

    Atlassian Solution Architect

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  • Lo Voelsen

    Lo Voelsen

    kreuzwerker GmbH

    Marketing Channel Manager

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  • Astrid Sieben

    Astrid Sieben


    Atlassian Sales Manager

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