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Atlassian User Group Meeting - November 16th, 2017, Kalkscheune Berlin

Nov 16, 2017, 5:00 – 8:00 PM


Atlassian is coming to town with a roadshow (Agile Evoluiton im Unternehmen) and invited us to use their event space for a last meeting in 2017. We did not find enough panelists for data center solutions, but will have and awesome presentation and Q&A instead followed by an EAM solution based on Atlassian and last but not least about documentation as code.

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About this event

The Roadshow Meeting

Atlassian is coming to town with Agile Evolution in the Enterprise (Agile Evolution im Unternehmen; and they invited us to use the space after the event for a  last User Group meeting in 2017.

Here's the final agenda: 

17:30 - 18:00  Registration

18:00 - 18:15 Welcome and what's up in 2018 

  • Dates and Topics for 2018
  • Social Media and Communication
  • We need a logo... 
  • Stuff

Joerg Mueller-Kindt, NetworkedAssets

18:15 - 19:00 Level up: Unleashing the potential of Data Center

Christian Glockner, Premier Support Engineer

Are you struggling to keep up with the growth of your teams? Have you ever been woken up at 3 am by an alert telling you that your Jira instance went down?

Whether you've never heard of Data Center before or whether you're a seasoned Data Center administrator already - this talk's for you!

You'll not only learn what Data Center is all about and what options you have for deployments, but you'll also hear about best practices for maintenance and operations, based on experience working with hundreds of the largest Atlassian customers.

And if you're wondering what Atlassian can do to help you stay up and running, we've got that covered, too!

About Christian Glockner:

Christian Glockner is a Premier Support Engineer based in Atlassian's Amsterdam office. In this role he works with enterprise customers who just can't afford to be down, focusing on Bitbucket Server and Bamboo.

19:10 - 19:35 Die Lösung für ein pragmatisches EAM in Confluence

Thorsten Reinhardt, Softwareentwickler/Berater, Schütze Consulting AG

Aufbauend auf Confluence bieten wir mit EAMcompact die Plattform für ein pragmatisches Enterprise Architecture Management. Mit Hilfe des Plugins können Sie sich die Abhängigkeiten Ihrer Geschäftsprozesse zu der darunter liegenden IT-Landschaft visuell aufzeigen lassen und interaktiv erschließen. Der Überblick über Ihre IT-Landschaft ermöglicht es Ihnen Ihre IT-Strategie faktenbasiert zu planen, zu steuern und dabei auf die im Confluence hinterlegte Dokumentation zurückzugreifen.

About Thorsten Reinhardt

Thorsten Reinhardt ist Projektleiter und Softwareentwickler bei der Schütze Consulting AG. Insbesondere ist er verantwortlich für die Entwicklung von Atlassian Plugins, von denen eines Hauptgegenstand seines Vortrags ist.

19:35 - 20:10 Documentation as Code

Grzegorz Kopij, CTO, NetworkedAssets 

How to treat documentation as code and allow developers to stay within der development environment while collaborating via Atlassian producs and using CI/CD tools to review, validate and version documentation. 

About Grzegorz Kopij

Grzegorz Kopij is NetworkedAssets' CTO and an ISAQB Advanced certified Software Architect with 20+ years experience in professional software architecture and development 

20:10 - 21:00 Drinks and Networking 


  • Christian Glockner


    Premier Support Engineer

  • Thorsten Reinhardt

    Schütze Consulting AG


  • Grzegorz Kopij



  • Jörg Müller-Kindt

    Inselleben.Berlin GmbH


  • Izabela Prokowska

    Flexim GmbH



Thursday, November 16, 2017
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC

Community Leaders

  • Hubert Kut

    Atlassian Solution Architect

  • Astrid Sieben

    Sales Manager

  • Kathryn Vargas

    Tempo Software

    Product Manager

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