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Getting Jira Consolidation Projects Done (Fast)

Nov 22, 2021, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Have you ever tried to consolidate multiple Jira environments? Jira is loved for its flexibility and extensibility, but customization and data from Marketplace apps makes migrating Jira a challenge. Let us take you on a journey and show you how to get your Jira consolidation projects done (fast) with AtlasMerge


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About this event

Getting Jira Consolidation Projects Done (Fast)

How many Jira instances does your company have? If it is more than one you are not alone. Historically Atlassian tools like Jira or Confluence have often been set up by independent teams, acquired through mergers and acquisitions, or have been split because of operational restructuring. As long as there have been multiple instances, users have wanted to migrate and consolidate their data. Reasons for this are often the need for better integrated workflows, reporting, or licensing costs. Atlassian tools are loved for their flexibility and extensibility, but the caveat is that they make migrations a challenge.

In this talk we will talk about challenges in Jira migrations and demonstrate how to consolidate two complex Jira environments with AtlasMerge.

AtlasMerge is a tool that is specifically tailored to migrate and consolidate Jira data from multiple sources.

Key features of AtlasMerge are:

  1. Fast, automated and reproducible: Admins can test their migration configuration iteratively and feedback-driven. The DevOps way of Jira Migration.
  2. Semantic conflict resolution and no data corruption: Naming conflicts are automatically resolved and all references updated accordingly. No more corrupted Jira filters, mentions, links or groovy scripts!
  3. One tool for the whole Atlassian ecosystem: AtlasMerge handles most apps from Atlassian Marketplace. No need to coordinate and combine methods from multiple vendors. AtlasMerge covers your migration project end to end.

About AtlasMerge

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  • Nikola Ilo

    AtlasMerge GmbH


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    Atlassian Solution Architect

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