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Jira and Artificial Intelligence: Real time customer sentiment analysis for Jira Service Management

Mar 29, 2021, 7:00 – 9:00 AM

Knowledge about your customer's emotional state whilst they interact with your support agents is key to positive customer engagement. AI Insights ability to measure and track sentiment in real-time helps to better understand your customers and their behavior. The ability to report on customer and agent sentiment can help analyze service trends as well as build and test improved dialog strategies.


Jira Service Management

About this event

Jira and Artificial Intelligence: Real time customer sentiment analysis for Jira Service Management

The problem

Service teams strive to keep their customers happy and loyal while supporting them through interactive communication channels.

Teams and their leaders need to keep track of the ongoing support process outcomes in order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Currently this is mainly achieved through costly post-support-request customer satisfaction surveys. The outcomes are

  • over-proportionally influenced by negative bias of frustrated customers
  • arriving when it is too late - the customer has already turned their back

What if

Service teams could

  • Monitor customer satisfaction in real time
  • Always see the complete picture, without negative bias
  • Analyse and report on customer sentiment trends and agent performance
  • Detect frustrated customers early in real time and intervene timely and responsibly
  • Track customer satisfaction non-intrusively, analyse the data you already have
  • Reduce cost and improve satisfaction, no more expensive biased post incident surveys.

Wow AI Insights

The app uses the AI sentiment analysis to detect tones and emotions found in Jira Service Management ticket conversations. Tones detected include frustrated, sad, satisfied, excited, polite, impolite and sympathetic. Conversations between user agents and customers are broken down and given a score according to their tone. Real time updates and a timeline of conversation tones are displayed via the quick chart API right within the issue panel. Tones and their scores are then stored within Jira for filtering, reporting and tracking.

The Journey

After reading about the emergence of AI powered SaaS offerings from the likes of Microsoft, Amazon AWS and IBM AI based sentiment analysis became available as a tool that can be integrated easily. Having worked as a customer service engineer I recognised the value of customer satisfaction monitoring and intervention in real time.

The perfect project idea for Codegeist 2020! Atlassian’s FaaS based Forge framework makes SaaS integration easy and simple. Built in security, authentication and permissions for free! The proof-of-concept implementation quickly became a winning product implementation.

Right now we are building out AI-Insights with Forge and Atlassian connect express frameworks. Core modules such as sentiment analysis and processing can be shared between Forge and ACE implementations.

We hope to present AI Insights at Team 21 as a commercial forge app for Jira service management.

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