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Jira as the Central Hub of your Organization

Mon, May 10, 2021, 7:00 PM (CEST)

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About this event

Jira as the Central Hub of your Organization

Jira is already the central hub for many organizations, but managing services for our customers, tracking and monitoring projects or collaborating with our peers don’t just happen within Jira but in Jira Work Management, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Statuspage, Opsgenie, Insight, Confluence, Bitbucket, GitHub, ServiceNow, Freshdesk and the list goes on and on.

Every single one of these apps and services generates information that is spread out, and changing from one tool to another has an impact on the success of the tasks at hand, efficiency of the team and total expenses of our projects.

Jira provides dashboards and reports to alleviate this situation, but these lack integrations, custom charts, mechanisms to share them with our external collaborators, pre-defined templates to avoid wasting precious time, etc.

During this presentation we’ll see how the information produced by the myriad of products that our teams use can be tamed by means of dashboards, using Dashboard Hub for Jira.

ITSM in Jira and Confluence: Dashboards for reporting 

Lately we’ve seen an increased interest in the ITSM part, with a use case that it’s repeating. Some of our customers provide premium support, which requires at least a monthly report with the SLAs. Instead of manually creating a pdf with the report and send it by email, these customers are creating private dashboards for each of their customers and creating a public (but secure) link. So customers can see a live dashboard with the SLAs, like this example

This, together with the increasing number of apps involved in ITSM processes require an integrated approach for reporting using dashboards.

Dashboards as the central hub to ease the journey to cloud

And we provide Hybrid dashboards, where you can display data from server/data center instances in a Dashboard in a cloud instance. The intention of Hybrid Dashboards is to help customers in the journey to cloud. We haven’t done any presentation about this just yet, but we think is something that can be appealing for users

About RoninPixels

RoninPixels is a group of software engineers, who started working in the Atlassian ecosystem in 2013 and together in 2015. With a focus on making data visual, accessible and customizable, RoninPIxels are passionate about empowering better collaboration, productivity and focus between teams.

Driven by empowering individuals to deliver the best version their work, RoninPixels are passionate about providing teams with an optimal experience of the Atlassian suite.

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    Cats, beer, BJJ, and wrestling when he's not working.

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