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Jira + Confluence - V-Model process appliance


Monday, November 29, 2021, 6:00 – 8:00 PM UTC

Applying the V (procedure) Model as a graphical representation of a system development life cycle at Jira and Confluence. Represented by Jira software project workflow in a shape of a V for engineering development items, release, bug, task and test case issues coordination and performance. In addition, development documentation at Confluence, combined with the development process of the V cycle.


About this event

Jira + Confluence - V-Model process appliance

Applying the V-Model (procedure model) only for project performance at Jira appears to be more or less simple.

Even though, a distinction has to be made of engineering V cycle issues performance, caring in addition of project coordination issues, like of a release; or even verification as well as validation issues, like tasks, bugs or test cases. Furthermore, documenting engineering development at Confluence according to V cycle needs to be considered, while Jira issues reference directly to distinct pages.

The V-Model development process needs to be considered too at Confluence, assuring overall development compliance applicable to standards like of automotive IATF 16949 (ISO 15504 / 330xx ASPICE) or medical life cycle according to IEC 62304.

Therefore, process compliance comprises Jira project performance as well as Confluence development documentation.

Also, dashboards at Jira or surveys at Confluence provide detailed overview of release related issues progress and their unambiguous tracking. Since the V-Model might be applied on system development and additionally needs sub-oriented domain level development, like software or hardware, Jira projects and Confluence spaces need to be multiplied as well as referenced to each other. This even includes issues transfer from one to another Jira project between V cycle workflows, whereas unambiguous tracing is essentially requested.

An abstract of what this ACE event will introduce at least, since every item has its own deep and unique representation.

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