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Jira is great for product managers, not developers


Monday, November 30, 2020, 5:00 – 7:00 PM UTC

Project management tools become less valuable once development actually starts. So why do companies use a tool that only works for a few PMs, when dozens or hundreds of engineers dislike it? The root of this is actually a problem with culture, management or process.


About this event

Jira is great for product managers, not developers

“Jira has *never once* made my life as a developer easier or better… It’s overly complicated and the workflow is painful.” - Justin James, Chief Architect at Cloud Development Resources.

Most project management tools are plan focused, which is why they become less valuable to the technical team members once development starts. Knowing that a ticket is “in-progress” is not very useful when you need real-time info about code, branches, PRs, releases to make good decisions during the iteration. Many engineers say that the development process is fluid, real-time, and doesn’t always follow a linear path but project tools force dev teams into a workflow that does not match that reality.

Unfortunately, project tool problems are not solved by switching out Jira with Asana or Trello. The root is actually a problem with culture, management or process.

In this session I will be speaking about 3 common developer complaints about project management tools, and the true business driven problems they come from.

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