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Requirements and release documentation with Atlassian in medtech companies

Mon, Oct 25, 2021, 7:00 PM (CEST)

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About this event

How medtech companies can use Jira & Confluence for managing requirements and release documentation

Digital health and other MedTech teams who want to adopt modern practices like Agile and DevOps, find themselves in a particularly tough spot. They need to do so while still satisfying the requirement of the regulatory authorities. These teams are so consumed with meeting regulatory requirements that a whopping one-third of their operational budget goes into “Quality Assurance and Compliance”- and not only is compliance a direct expense, it also has the impact of slowing down your release cadence. While modern software companies may be releasing multiple times a day, most of the medtech industry still releases only a few versions every year.

In an illuminating presentation, Rina will share insider tips and stories on how MedTech teams can find their unique flavor of Agile and DevOps, and how they can harness the power of Jira & Confluence to make this work for them: Think of frequently releasing medical device software and keeping it safe & compliant.

We’ll discuss:

  1. What are the particular challenges related to adopting Agile and DevOps in a regulated environment?
  2. What does a holistic DevOps/Agile approach look like, so that it also covers the regulatory requirements? In particular- how to work Agile and DevOps so that release documentation is created as part of your daily process and traceability matrices are generated “on the fly”.
  3. How to implement this DevOps/Agile approach using Jira and Confluence. This part will include a live demo

From the fundamentals to precise tooling and real-life examples, you’ll gain invaluable insight into how to automate QA and ensure compliance. With less waste and a more streamlined process, your team will be freed up to focus on what matters most: delivering quality products that support better outcomes for all.

The teachings provided are mostly true for teams in other heavily regulated industries like automotive, environmental sciences, and banking. Each industry has its own terminology, but the critical need to efficiently manage releases and traceability matrices is universal.

About RadBee

RadBee is an atlassian solution partner and marketplace vendor, who specializes in serving the medtech and pharmaceutical industry..

Your work saves lives. Ours saves your sanity.

Digital workflows are just the starting point for an effective eQMS evolution. RadBee is your partner in innovative, waste-cutting systems that deliver quality to the delight of your team, auditors and customers. We understand your challenges because we’ve been there, and we have the foresight to spot problems before you do. You can count on us to go the extra mile — so you don’t have to.

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  • Rina Nir

    Rina Nir



    Rina is the CEO of RadBee Ltd. As an Atlassian Solution Partner, RadBee helps medtech and pharma companies leverage the Atlassian tools to achieve regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies. We come from this industry and have experienced first-hand the sweat and pain that goes into Quality and Regulatory compliance. We cannot make the regulatory beast go away, but we surely know how to t…

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