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Scrum Maister - machine learning and automation Forge app for Jira that supercharges development

Mon, Feb 1, 2021, 6:00 PM (CET)

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Scrum Maister - machine learning and automation Forge app for Jira that supercharges development

An award-winning Jira Forge app Scrum Maister that uses automation and machine learning to provide actionable insights to agile teams to remove any blockers from their daily work. The app is built on the brand-new Forge platform that is currently in Beta. The first version of the app was created within 1 month without any prior knowledge of React or Jira development. The presentation will explore Scrum Maister's approach to implementing machine learning and automation - both in the user's browser, Forge platform and proprietary servers. We will then dive into the specifics of various Forge functionality areas and see how ordinary people without much web development or Atlassian under-the-hood knowledge can create their own apps and where to start.

About Supercharged AB

Supercharged AB work on creating intelligent data-driven products for removing pain points and bottlenecks from the development process at all its stages through automation and analytics which gives humans superpowers to spot potential issues and make development efficient and painless. Currently, Supercharged works hard on releasing its flagship Jira app Scrum Maister that brings the power of machine learning and automation into daily development work.


  • Igor Andriushchenko

    Igor Andriushchenko



    Igor is a seasoned software development leader with experience in heading quality and security of market-leading product companies. He holds an MBA in the topic of software development lifecycles and team composition from Blekinge Tekniska Hogsköla and a Master's degree in Machine Learning from Aalto University. During his career, Igor has worked in a variety of R&D roles - as Quality engi…

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  • Hubert Kut

    Hubert Kut

    eBay Inc.

    Atlassian Solution Architect

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  • Lo Voelsen

    Lo Voelsen

    kreuzwerker GmbH

    Marketing Channel Manager

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  • Astrid Sieben

    Astrid Sieben

    Valiantys GmbH

    Sales Manager

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