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Yasoon: Microsoft Teams for Jira

Nov 16, 2020, 5:00 – 8:00 PM


Microsoft Teams is on a never seen hype – within a year, nearly 100 million new users across the globe added Microsoft Teams into their daily routines. Time to look at the various options how to use Microsoft Teams together with Jira, comparing Teams connectors, Teams apps and other tools.

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About this event

Microsoft Teams for Jira Hype

The last couple of months showed that teamwork is hard maintain when working separated from each other, with different working hours and especially when using different tools to different extents. It is challenging to receive or even to deliver the right information to the right people to keep them going.

The pandemic was a huge accelerator for Microsoft Teams and the usage just went through the roof. By October 2020, 115mio people are using Microsoft Teams daily.

Many possibilities for Jira users

Right now, there are a couple of offerings for admins to integrate Jira with Microsoft Teams.


Connectors allow to push change notifications from Jira directly into Microsoft Teams. If used correctly, this can reduce the number of emails, but often it just leads to more noise.


Apps need to be installed in Microsoft Teams, but allow to use Jira features within Teams.

  • Microsoft Teams for Jira Cloud (from Atlassian - formerly provided by SoftServe) Basic app for Microsoft Teams that provides common Jira features directly within Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams for Jira - Smart Connect (from yasoon) Newest app in the marketplace that provides the most functionality. Our app provides Jira features in Teams just like the official app, but it also provides Teams features directly in Jira. Additionally, it brings smarter grouped notifications just like the connectors.

External Integrations

  • Outlook Meetings for Jira (from yasoon)
    Allows to schedule Teams Meetings from a Jira issue.

Demo Time

We show you some use cases where our Jira integration with Microsoft Teams really shines:

  • Collaboration with externals
    Microsoft Teams has a big difference when it comes to licensing – it allows free guest accounts. We show a scenario how to collaborate with customers, using Jira as the leading project management tool while getting input from customers.
  • ITSM Jira Service Desk
    We show a scenario how Jira ServiceDesk agents can easily ask for additional input to solve an issue quickly.

About Yasoon

At yasoon we believe in bridging gaps – between programs and people. That’s why we create smart apps that connect Microsoft and Atlassian applications in clever ways.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft and Atlassian worlds enables us to offer more than 4,000 companies solid solutions that simplify their digital workflows and help them grow together.

With more than seven years of experience in connecting Microsoft and Atlassian software we have until now 6 apps available at the Atlassian marketplace.

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  • Andreas Schmidt

    yasoon GmbH

    Co-Founder & CEO

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    Atlassian Solution Architect

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    Sales Manager

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    Tempo Software

    Product Manager

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