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Boston AUG PMO series - JIRA for budgeting and ScriptRunner for PPM initiative funnel automation

Feb 28, 2018, 11:00 PM – Mar 1, 2018, 3:00 AM

Join us for a fun, informative, and fast-paced event following our PMO series to enlighten our user group members about innovating the PPM initiative funnel in JIRA and Confluence. We'll also show how to leverage existing data to improve budgeting and spending efficiency. In addition, members can present their use cases with high-end wine in $100 price range for the most compelling description.


About this event

Onsite expert, professional speakers following our Boston AUG 2018 PMO series!

Leveraging Existing JIRA Data to Reveal Vital Business Information

Jeremy Stark will show how you can use JIRA data to determine what people were working on and when by rolling up the costing through the scope definitions, workflows, and financials. He'll compare data extracted from JIRA and reports of time tracking data from Clarity for validity. This will reveal critical information about operational budgeting and spending.

Automated Integration of Initiatives between Jira and Confluence

PPM - Funnel Overview

Executive leadership teams are frequently overwhelmed by the volume of implementation requests that demand satisfaction. Adding to this complexity is that project requests can come from both formal and informal request channels.

William Rojas will look at Initiatives and how these capture information from ideation through development and delivery. Though this ends up requiring multiple Atlassian tools to manage the different stages and information formats associated with an Initiative. Along with multiple tools comes duplication and the need for synchronization. But no worries, with ScriptRunner for JIRA and ScriptRunner for Confluence and some well thought out configuration all this integration can all be automated; allowing to seamlessly manage Initiative information across multiple tools without copy/paste or manually synchronizing each side. In this presentation, we will show a sample implementation of just type of automated integration between Jira and Confluence.

* What and Why Initiatives
* Initiative Funnel
* Splitting information across multiple tools
* Integrated process
* Demo sample implementation

Confluence As A Guide To Planning Your Sprint by Jonah Jenkins PMO from Rosetta Stone

In this talk, we'll cover how to collect the information necessary to conduct a successful Sprint Planning session, along with all of the artifacts that should result from that meeting.

* Prerequisites for a Sprint Planning Page
* Defining the elements of the page, e.g. Goals, Status Reports, Demos, Retrospectives
* Organizing the categories of information on the page
* Flexibility and Requirements, of design and process
* How the page might be received and used, e.g. Dashboard rollup, target audience(s), collaborative maintenance

Member Use Case Presentations

Because this user group is about providing value to our users, As we did at our January meeting, we will invite eight attendees to describe their Atlassian use cases for the group. The top three compelling descriptions as judged by the group will be awarded a bottle of high-quality wine with the following price ranges: first prize $ 100, second prize $75 and third prize $50 plus new Atlassian brand SWAG. 

Virtual Reality sponsor prizes:

Play the AUG Virtual Reality Game and the first winners will have their choice of many prizes. Also, the high scoring winners will receive $50 Atlassian SWAG cards and we have 5 of them! Enjoy ordering the new Atlassian rebranding! Here is the run-down of the software licenses available to win at the event. Win two Appfire licenses for an unlimited amount of users! Check out the fabulous Appfire products to pick from both their expansive Wittified and Bob Swift product lines. Also, ALM Works is giving away one unlimited Structure license. Check out what Structure can do by clicking the product link: Structure. Lucidchart is giving away 10 users team licenses for a year check it out here. ServiceRocket is giving away two unlimited products from their complete catalog here. Finally, Adaptavist is offering a one-year unlimited software license from the complete catalog here. All these giveaways will be offered to the first Virtual Reality winners to pick from, so everyone has an opportunity to pick a relevant prize for their environment and requirements.

Play the Boston AUG networking game and not only meet new people for opportunities or resources. Winner takes home a $100 bottle of wine.

Meat, vegan, and gluten-free meal options will be available. We will have several food options, so you will not be left hungry, but the main focus is fresh, organic sushi with a smoothie service as well!

Come enjoy 15-year-old red wine among other exceptional alcohol offerings.

Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support: ServiceRocket, cPrime, ALM Works, Adaptavist, Appfire, and CxO Developer.


  • Jeremy Stark

    Jeremy Stark

    Agile Transformation Coach

  • William Rojas


    Managing Consultant

  • Jonah Jenkins

    Rosetta Stone


  • Greg Venable


    Chief Solution Architect



February 28 – March 1, 2018
11:00 PM – 3:00 AM UTC


Registration & networking
Boston AUG introduction
Leveraging Existing JIRA Data to Reveal Vital Business Information
Automated Integration of Initiatives between Jira and Confluence
Member Use Cases
Structured networking activities with prizes
Fantastic food & beverage service with after party!

Community Leaders

  • Timothy Szczesuil

    ZOLL Medical

    Boston Atlassian User Group Leader

  • Greg Venable

    Atlas Bench

    Group Leader

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