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Mathworks November 29 - #NoEstimates JIRA solution, Portfolio, SAFe 4.5 and DevOps Toolchain

Nov 29, 2017, 10:30 PM – Nov 30, 2017, 2:00 AM

Join us in expert presentations and a fun networking opportunity. Explore a JIRA solution obtaining management reporting without time or story point estimates and tracking bookkeeping. Learn how to create 12-month JIRA Portfolio roadmaps and still be Agile. Discover how to use SAFe 4.5 to Scale Agile and Deliver Value. Finally, hear how maximizing the DevOps toolchain provides acceleration.


About this event

  • We kick off our November meeting with an exploration of #NoEstimates. In the words of Woody Zuill, "#NoEstimates is a hashtag for the topic of exploring alternatives to estimates for making decisions in software development. That is, ways to make decisions with 'No Estimates'." Jeremy Stark discusses a #NoEstimates JIRA solution providing management reports without users needing to enter time or story point estimates and tracking bookkeeping. Also, predictive analytics for project planning and early risk identification.
  • Next up is Michelle Melancon taking a peek at what a transparent roadmap using JIRA Portfolio and Rolling Wave planning looks like. Is your head spinning with questions on ways to use JIRA Portfolio to create a roadmap? How can we create a roadmap that fits into our agile process? How you can use dynamic JIRA date to forecast your 12-month plan and STILL be agile.
  • Our next presentation is how to use SAFe® 4.5 to Scale Agile and Deliver Value. Do you have highly functional scrum teams but are wondering how to get them to work in sync with each other, or wondering how to get "start-up" efficiency in a large enterprise? Or maybe you just heard that the Scaled Agile Framework for the Enterprise (SAFe®) is gaining traction and you want to find out more about it. Before the year is out, we want to give you a primer on SAFe® so you can decide if it should be on your list of resolutions for the new year! We continue to see that Agile and Scrum deliver value and are catching the eyes of leadership individuals. But how does a large enterprise thrive with a Scrum framework that was made for 5-9 individuals? SAFe® has garnered a lot of attention as a potential framework for enterprises with large product teams (5 or more scrum teams on a product line). It calls for the overall alignment throughout the organization so that the Scrum teams making up a large product development team can deliver valuable, high-quality product increments with transparency and technical excellence.
  • Last up will be our own AUG Leader, Craig Brenner, who will provide a brief presentation of the DevOps Toolchain and it's aid in the delivery, development, and management of applications throughout the software development lifecycle.  How maximizing the Toolchain impacts acceleration. Acceleration technology ecosystems pump optimization and performance out of the Agile process. Craig will cover gap identification and solutions.

After the presentations, we'll have food, drinks, prizes, giveaways, and Virtual Reality entertainment!

Event highlights:

Huge Virtual Reality sponsor prizes:

Play the AUG Virtual Reality Game and the first winners will have their choice of many prizes. Also, the high scoring winners will receive $50 Atlassian SWAG cards and we have 8 of them! Enjoy ordering the new Atlassian rebranding!  Here is the run-down of software license to obtain at the event. Win two Appfire licenses for an unlimited amount of users! Check out the fabulous Appfire products to pick from both their expansive Wittified and Bob Swift product lines. Also, ALM Works is giving away one unlimited Structure license. Check out what Structure can do by clicking the product link: Structure. Lucidchart is giving away 10 users team licenses for a year. Finally, ServiceRocket is giving away two unlimited products: Salesforce / JIRA Server Connector and Learnrdot Knowledge Pathways for Confluence. Adaptavist is offering a one-year unlimited software license from the complete catalog. All these giveaways will be offered to the first Virtual Reality winners to pick from, so everyone has an opportunity to pick a relevant prize for their environment and requirements.

Play the Boston AUG networking game and not only meet new people for opportunities or resources.  Win the tremendous Atlassian SWAG bundle that offers a pick of the litter of any five items of the Atlassian and Trello giveaways: blankets, bottles, t-shirts, and other amazing SWAG plus a $50 Atlassian SWAG card!

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Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support: cPrime, ALM Works, Adaptavist, Appfire, ServiceRocket, CxO Developer and stuartbeebyphotography.

Meat, vegan, and gluten-free meal options will be available. We will have several food options, so you will not be left hungry, but the main focus is fresh, organic sushi with a smoothie service as well!


  • Jeremy Stark

    Jeremy Stark

    Agile Transformation Coach

  • Michelle Melancon


    Atlassian Tool Expert

  • Eyal Abukasis

    Blue Agility

    Managing Partner - Agile Services

  • Craig Brenner

    South Shore Technology Management

    Agile organization and Improvement


  • Greg Venable

    Pairability, Inc.

    Chief Solution Consultant



November 29 – 30, 2017
10:30 PM – 2:00 AM UTC


10:30 PMRegistration & networking
11:30 PMBoston AUG introduction
11:35 PMAlternative to Estimate-Driven Software Development - presented by Jeremy Stark
11:55 PMJIRA Portfolio Practical Applications - presented by Michelle Melancon
12:15 AMUsing SAFe® 4.5 to Scale Agile and Deliver Value - presented by Eyal Abukasis
12:35 AMDevOps Toolchain and it's aid in the delivery, development, and management of applications throughout the software development lifecycle - presented by Craig Brenner
12:55 AMStructured networking activities with prizes
1:05 AMFantastic food & beverage service with after party!

Community Leaders

  • Timothy Szczesuil

    ZOLL Medical

    Boston Atlassian User Group Leader

  • Greg Venable

    Atlas Bench

    Group Leader

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