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Automating Issue creation in Jira Cloud using Python

Jan 12, 2023, 3:00 – 4:30 PM

David Renton will present a walk through of his JiraScripting repository that he uses to automate the creation of Jira Cloud issues. The repository is written in Python and moves from basic API calls to intermediate use cases chaining commands to create full projects from Excel inputs. David will outline the challenges and learnings gathered along the way.


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About this event

Hello Atlassian Community Members,

We invite you to our next event - with our guest David Renton (Genesys).

Automating Issue creation in Jira Cloud using Python

The JiraScripting project was born out of necessity and was extended as new use cases became apparent. Using this way of working has become the normal flow when starting large projects. It saved so many person hours, he decided to give back to the community and release this version on GitHub for anyone to use.

The presentation will walk you through setup and first executions of the scripts. The project is presented in stages that start at the most basic of Jira Cloud operations, creating an issue, and moves toward the more complex tasks.

Python 3.10 is required to run the scripts provided within the project, and a GitHub account is required to fork or clone the repository. He uses PyCharm as his Python IDE (the community version works just fine), to follow along all three are required.

No previous Python experience is necessary to start, should you wish to extend the functions provided, you will need some Python/general programming knowledge.

The JiraScripting project is built in a way that is easy to follow and uses the most basic of Python commands, in the hopes the project can be used as a baseline for any further development by anyone in the community that has a need to complete a task that is not already covered.

We hope you consider using this project, improving on what is available, and sharing your inventions with the community!

JiraScripting project
PyCharm Community Edition

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Thursday, January 12, 2023
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM UTC


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Automating Issue creation in Jira Cloud using Python
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