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Agile Planning with Atlassian Tools

February 24, 2022 at 11:00 PM UTC – February 25, 2022 at 12:30 AM UTC

What ever the occasion, be it a Cloud Migration or a new Project Start-Up, empowering teams & organisations with expert ways to plan their projects is more critical than ever. Join a multitude of ACE chapters across North America as they welcome 4 top Atlassian Partners to come present key topics on best practise Agile Planning


About this event


These days with the world trying to recover from the Corona pandemic whilst adjusting to various new forms of office/hybrid/remote team set-ups, it’s a scramble to get on top of work and remain Agile!

In this extensive, multi-city ACE, four of Atlassian’s most renowned partners will take us through different sub-topics concerning Agile Planning, with all of them focussing on great Atlassian tools that help!


Alongside a regular welcome, introduction to the speakers and presentation of the ACE format, Fun Man Andy will set the tone of the ACE by sharing his key lessons learnt from 15yr plus of Agile project management (both the success and the failures!)

TALK 1 - Aligned Agility

To effectively scale agile practices, organisations have to look beyond just their tools. Jira Align provides enterprises with much needed visibility and insights, connecting high-level strategy with day-to-day work. It’s vital employees in the organisation are on board with their transformation and have the right processes in place to make it a success—exactly what Aligned Agility prides itself on delivering.

TALK 2 - Easier Faster Jira: How to enhance your agile planning with JXL sheets

Intro to JXL, a game-changing new Jira app crafter by Atlassian alumni. Join the team for a demo of powerful features such as inline issue editing, bulk copy & pasting, custom issue hierarchy structure, and much more - as well as a casual Q&A round and feedback opportunity. Learn how to save lots of clicks and hours when managing your work in Jira!

TALK 3 - Planning your Migrations Journey!

Welcome to planning your migration journey in the most Agile way possible. Lorenzo, CEO of RenWare, will present on the subject of powerful planning & preparation for migrations projects, as well as demonstrate how best to clean up systems using RenWare’s powerful tool: Instance Auditor

TALK 4 - Agile Scoping with Planning Boards

Overcoming planning hurdles, scoping in hybrid or virtual teams, is important, especially when many are now without the power of the group Whiteboard.

Gabriel, of Old Street, will talk about synchronizing your data inside Jira with planning boards.


There will be opportunities throughout the ACE for various Swag give-aways by both the ACE leaders and the Partners!


The event will be hosted via Zoom!


  • Tina Behers


    VP Of Enterprise Agility

  • Daniel Franz

    Fine Software

    Co-Founder and Co-CEO

  • Lorenzo Phillips

    RenWare Inc


  • Gabriel Wielkopolski

    Old Street Solutions

    Product Manager

  • Andy - The Rainbow Warrior

    Old Street Solutions

    Atlassian Experience Architect


  • Kimberly Deal

    Columbus Atlassian User Group Leader

  • Kevin Stanley

    Columbus Atlassian User Group Leader

  • Greg Sprowls

    Columbus Atlassian Community Leader

  • Scott Boisvert

    Columbus Atlassian Community Leader



February 24 – 25, 2022
11:00 PM – 12:30 AM UTC


11:00 PMOpening & Welcome by Guest MC: Fun Man Andy
11:10 PMTalk 1: Aligned Agility - Tina Behers - VP Of Enterprise Agility, Adaptavist
11:30 PMTalk 2: Easier Faster Jira - Daniel Franz - Co-Founder/-CEO, Fine Software
11:50 PMTalk 3: Migrations with Agility - Lorenzo Philipps - CEO, RenWare Inc.
12:00 AMTalk 4: Agile Scoping - Gabriel Wielkopolski - Product Manager, Old Street Solutions
12:30 AMClosing

Group Leaders

  • Kimberly Deal

    Columbus AUG

    Atlassian User Group Leader

  • Kevin Stanley

    notrewind studios

    Chief Everything

  • Greg Sprowls

    JPMorgan Chase

    Agility Lead

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