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Atlassian Jaipur Chapter June'22 Meetup

Jun 11, 2022, 8:00 – 9:00 AM

Enterprise Agile Coach on - Why Agile transformation is incomplete without the product-centric way of working and Founder and Transformative Catalyst on - The Role of a Leader to Enable Meaningful Work and


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About this event

Speaker 1 - ANAND C PADMANABHANEnterprise Agile Coach, IBM

Agenda - Why Agile transformation is incomplete without the product-centric way of working

  • Agile is just not a Methodology guiding some frameworks but is a mindset and cultural change
  • You cannot transform or move from Waterfall or any hybrid ways of working to Agile without cultivating and nurturing a product mindset.
  • Yearly budgets have become past and quarterly or even ad-hoc budgeting has become a new norm.
  • Rather than projects having fixed scope, cost and to be delivered in time, the new world is preferring a product with features getting added and the ability to scale up responding to market needs.
  • To respond to this highly competitive nature of work, you need Agility with Product-Centric ways of working

About the speaker - Anand has close to 16 years of IT experience. Anand pursues his passion for enabling organizations of all sizes to optimize solution delivery through the pragmatic use of Agile, Lean, and Systems thinking. His diverse background includes delivery roles in Software Engineering, Project and Program Governance, and Agile Consulting across a variety of industries. Over the last decade, Anand has helped organizations and project teams across many countries to continuously improve and find better ways of working. As an on-the-ground Agile Coach, he has been instrumental in rolling out Agile at scale in many organizations and is currently coaching and mentoring today's Managers, Leaders, and Executives to become the Agile Leaders their teams need.

Speaker 2Manjunath MS RaoFounder, and Transformative Catalyst, Transformative Lab

Agenda - Role of a Leader to Enable Meaningful Work!

  • Why Meaningful Work?
  • Research Insights
  • How do we measure Meaningful Work – A small survey!
  • How Meaningful work can lead to better business agility and outcome
  • Role of a Leader to Enable Meaningful Work

About the speaker - Manjunath MS Rao (Manju Rao) is a Leadership Agility and Life Coach. He is a passionate agilist, seasoned agile practitioner (since 2005), and agile leader. Manju has been part of an exciting business transformation journey in multiple organizations like Schneider Electric, Cisco, SIEMENS, Infosys, Tesco, Alstom, Symcor, Samsung, Amex, and Walmart. Manju is passionate about working with individuals & teams to make them realize their true potential by utilizing skills in the areas of training, coaching, and mentoring.




    Enterprise Agile Coach

  • Manjunath MS Rao

    Transformative Lab

    Founder and Transformative Catalyst



Saturday, June 11, 2022
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM UTC


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Why Agile transformation is incomplete without the product-centric way of working.
Role of a Leader to Enable Meaningful Work!
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