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How JIRA Solving Common Project Management Issues and more about Structure and Swimlanes

Feb 19, 2022, 8:30 – 9:30 AM

Sudhakar Sharma, Senior scrum master / Agile evangelist /Contextual Master, TCS London. Will about how Jira Structure and Swimlanes helping product owners/Scrum master in the day job. Ashutosh Pareek. Architect and Technical Project Manager. We will talk about the Common project management issues a project manager observes in day to day life in project tracking.


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About this event

Agenda 1: Common project management issues a project manager observes in day to day life in project tracking. eg. how individuals are doing, how the team doing.

About the SpeakerAshutosh Pareek

Started as a backend engineer and evolved as a full-stack engineer. Currently, managing applications developed in react/nodejs/javascript and aws along with various supporting libraries.

  • Different types of work we can categorize in JIRA
  • how to track efforts/complexity of work
  • how to track individuals performing
  • how to track team's performance
  • various charts and reports that compare the performance of the team in past and present
  • workflow dashboard, gadgets how to use those
  • Messaging features
  • The idea about confluence is what it offers meeting notes, reports.

Agenda 2: The agenda is to discuss Jira Structure and Swimlanes. Their purpose/benefits and use case and how it helps product owners/Scrum master and team in the day job

About the Speaker - Sudhakar Sharma

  • 16 Years of IT Experience in Investment banking/retail banking
  • Area of expertise - Mentoring/Coaching and Learning, Scrum as a Service
  • Successfully led Waterfall to Agile transformation journey for one of the big data giants in the UK. This project has stood as runner-up in the Agile Project of the Year category of Real IT Awards,2018.
  • Successfully led the various cloud migration program using AWS/AMS cloud services
  • Has extensive experience in leading Location Independent Agile delivery by working with geographically distributed scrum teams (up to 6 locations) using collaboration and online agile tools like JIRA, Planit poker, Trello, and Confluence.
  • Has CSM, SAFe Agilist, Azure Solution Architect Expert, AWS Solution Architect Associate, Advance RPA Developer certifications.


  • Ashutosh Pareek

    Technical Architect and Project Manager

  • Sudhakar Sharma

    TCS, London

    Senior Scrum Master



Saturday, February 19, 2022
8:30 AM – 9:30 AM UTC


Introduction to Jaipur Community
Sudhakar Sharma, TCS London
Ashutosh Pareek
Wrap-Up the Event

Community Leaders

  • Pushpkant Garg

    Gudakesa Technologies LLC

    Atlassian Community Leader

  • Yatika Manchanda

    Atlassian Community Leader

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