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Trello Power-ups and Automation Deep Dive.

Mar 25, 2:00 – 5:00 PM

Lagos Island

Level up on Trello! Explore hidden gems: Power-Ups, automation & integrations to supercharge workflow. Connect Trello to your world, automate tasks, & conquer projects like a pro. Beginners & experts are welcome!

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About this event

Tired of Trello just being lists and cards? Dive into the hidden potential of Power-ups and automation to supercharge your workflow and unlock advanced project management capabilities. This event is designed for both Trello beginners and experienced users who want to take their boards to the next level.

What you'll learn:

Beginner Basics: Discover the vast library of Power-ups and understand their functionalities. 

Learn how to add, configure, and utilize them effectively on your boards.

Automation Made Easy: Demystify Trello's built-in automation features. Create custom rules and triggers to automate repetitive tasks, 

streamline processes, and save valuable time.

Advanced Techniques: Explore advanced applications of Power-ups and automation. 

Learn how to build complex workflows, integrate with other tools, and maximize your board's efficiency.

Practical Examples: See real-world case studies and learn from experts how they use Power-ups and automation to tackle various project management challenges.

Interactive Session: Ask questions, share your experiences, and get personalized advice from the presenter and fellow attendees.

Benefits for Beginners:

Get started with Power-ups quickly and confidently.

Automate simple tasks and improve your basic workflow.

Gain a solid understanding of Trello's capabilities.

Benefits for Experienced Users:

Discover new Power-ups and advanced automation techniques.

Learn how to customize complex workflows for specific needs.

Take your Trello skills to the next level and impress your team.


  • Mavino Ikein

    Edekee inc. (




Monday, March 25, 2024
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


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