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Do we need to scale Confluence Data Center in practice?

Mar 13, 10:30 PM – Mar 14, 11:30 AM

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming event that promises to spark thought-provoking discussions and provide valuable insights into the practical aspects of scaling Confluence within your organization. If you’ve ever pondered the question, “Do we need to scale Confluence in practice?” then this is the perfect opportunity for you to delve into the topic with fellow enthusiasts and experts.


ConfluenceData Center

About this event

This event is tailored to Confluence Admins, DevOps engineers, and anyone interested in understanding the far-reaching implications of expanding Confluence, one of the most popular collaboration tools in the industry.

Our agenda includes:

1. Architecture – Starting off with a robust discussion on the structure of Confluence, we will explore how the system’s architecture can aid or hinder the scaling process.

2. Design of Document Storing System – We’ll deep-dive into the core components that make up the document management inside Confluence, examining best practices for optimal retrieval and storage efficiency.

3. Review API – Moving onto the technical side, our experts will dissect the Confluence API, assessing its capabilities and how it integrates with other systems when scaling up.

4. Weakness of Scaling – No system is perfect, and we’ll take a candid look at the potential pitfalls and challenges that come with scaling Confluence, discussing real-life scenarios and preventative strategies.

This event is not to be missed for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge and address the critical considerations that come with the scaling of a Confluence environment. Whether you’re seeking to improve your current setup or just curious about the process, we’ll cover all the bases to give you a comprehensive understanding of what scaling Confluence entails.

Don’t let this chance slip by to enhance your expertise and engage with a community that shares your passion for optimizing collaborative tools.

We look forward to welcoming you and exploring the future of Confluence together!


  • Gonchik Tsymzhitov


    Technical lead

Community Leader

  • Gonchik Tsymzhitov



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