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London AUG, October 24th @ The Telegraph


Tuesday, October 24, 2017, 5:30 – 8:00 PM UTC

Talks this month: From WebOps to DevOps by Telegraph Elements - a simple way to manage list in Jira by Valiantys 7 Years in Admin - An Atlassian nomad's tale by Graham Horsman


About this event

The Telegraph, Carol Johnson, "From WebOps to DevOps"

As a major news organisation, the Telegraph has a history of staying competitive to remain the number one quality news brand in the UK. So, how do you support a fast-moving organisation that needs to embrace digital and where change is imperative?

This presentation tells the story of how the Telegraph’s web support team transitioned to a DevOps culture. It will look at how they moved from a team performing traditional website support and implementing ad-hoc releases & roll-back (you build - we support), to an organisation that now supports multiple CMS’s, platforms, apps, a subscriptions channel and APIs (we build - we support). Come and learn more about the impact of changes in organisational structure, methodologies used, the need to remove boundaries and how failure can lead to ultimate success.

Valiantys, Ravi Sagar, "Elements - a simple way to manage list in Jira"

Configuring sub-tasks requires a Jira admin. The UX is clunky to create one sub-task. And if you need to add numerous, structured items within an issue, these sub-tasks can impact your instance's performance.

By creating dynamic tables where users can manage their items and lists themselves, you can avoid subtasks. Elements allows project admins to quickly create and configure panels, grids or tables.

Users can add, edit and delete items themselves. Per column or row you can add, subtract, multiply and divide the data in your tables. These calculation fields are automatically updated to keep your data clean.

Atlassian User Group Leader, Graham Horsman, "7 Years in Admin - An Atlassian nomad's tale"

An overview of Atlassian design, administration and user engagement. The, tips, pitfalls and best practices gleaned from 7 year of experience with Atlassian tooling.



Tuesday, October 24, 2017
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM UTC


5:30 PMWelcome drinks and intro
6:10 PMFrom WebOps to DevOps
6:40 PMBreak
7:10 PMElements - a simple way to manage list in Jira
7:35 PM7 Years in Admin - An Atlassian nomad's tale
8:00 PMPub for one last drink!

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