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State of the Marketplace and Atlassian Partner Tools Spotlight

New York
Thu, Nov 18, 2021, 5:00 PM (EST)

50 RSVP'ed

Are you interested in taking your Atlassian operations to the next level? New to the Marketplace or haven't checked it out in a while? Join us for a general state of the marketplace, what 2022 has in store, and how admins can navigate the marketplace for cloud environment. We'll showcase some partners and how their tools solved real world customer scenarios. We look forward to seeing you!

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About this event

State of the Atlassian Marketplace - Miles Faulkner - CEO, Blended Perspectives

The MARS database of Atlassian Marketplace 3rd party applications is able to offer an objective, data driven insights into all facets on the marketplace: from top-down views into overall trends to individual app analysis. Miles will share with you what MARS is showing with regards to the explosion of Cloud applications and Appfire's growing dominance of the Marketplace as well as other insights into Jira vs Confluence, the top Categories, and top apps of 2021 so far.

Jira Tools Spotlight - Phill Fox - Principal Customer Success Advocate, Adaptavist

Heralded as giving a Jira admin superpowers, Phill will provide some more hints and tips for Atlassian Administrators who use the ScriptRunner app. Or if you are a new admin who has to review a current installation or need to consider moving from on premises to Atlassian Cloud, see how Adaptavist ScriptRunner and other tools can help you!

Compliance in the Cloud - Mike Rink - Marketing Manager, Comalatech

Adding reviews, approvals and document control in your confluence pages is a challenge! Mike will speak on how Redenlab's Quality Management System (QMS) achieved medical device compliance standards (FDA 21, CFR Part 22) without losing operational flexibility using Jira, Confluence and Comala Document Control for Cloud.

 Dynamic Dashboards and Rich Filters in Jira- Dan Mihalache - CEO, Qotilabs

Do you work on projects shared between multiple teams, contributors and other stakeholders? How do you get a clear status on progress? How do you know you're on track to achieve your goals? You don't need to be a Jira expert to get the info you're looking for. Dan will show you how to build highly customizable, interactive Jira Dashboards that give everyone the insights they need in just a few clicks. 

 Clarify Jira Projects with Structure - Phil Heijkoop - Lead Solutions Engineer, ALM Works

Coordinating a sprawling network of interdependent teams and tasks is complicated — and it requires powerful solutions to keep the work progressing smoothly. The Structure for Jira app from ALM Works helps project managers get ahead of that complexity — it's a flexible, scalable overlay built for Jira that lets them organize data however they'd like. Structure also provides powerful features to quickly and easily view project information from any angle. In this talk, Phil will show you how Structure for Jira enables project managers to easily see and share the big picture.

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  • Miles Faulkner

    Miles Faulkner

    Blended Perspectives


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  • Mike Rink

    Mike Rink


    Marketing Manager

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  • Dan Mihalache

    Dan Mihalache



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  • Phill Fox

    Phill Fox


    Principal Customer Success Advocate

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  • Phil Heijkoop

    Phil Heijkoop

    ALM Works

    Lead Solutions Engineer

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Thursday, Nov 18
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EST)

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