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Documentation as Code: A data-focused approach to generating Confluence pages

Dec 2, 2022, 6:01 – 7:00 PM


Let's face it - documentation is hard. It's a never-ending battle with your stakeholders, who are always looking for that one thing you forgot to mention or that little discrepancy that makes them think something was wrong from the beginning. Do you want to do documentation as code? Do you want to see a new way to do it in Confluence? Join us


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About this event

Creating documentation while coding (or in other programmes) is not always enjoyable, and many individuals would prefer to be doing anything else. One of the most difficult aspects of documentation is keeping it up to date – "All documentation is a future lie." A little change in your information domain might result in hundreds of modifications in numerous locations, assuming you can discover them all!

What if there was a simpler solution?

This is the topic of our discussion for this occasion. Code as documentation That's true, you can use code to fill documentation where and when you need it. There is no need to update a million places every time your project or product changes.

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