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Embracing Jira Cloud: Tips from an ex-Server admin  / Open Mic Night!


March 28, 2019, 9:30 PM UTC – March 29, 2019, 1:00 AM UTC

We will have a dry-run of an upcoming Atlassian Summit Breakout Session Talk: Embracing Jira Cloud: Tips from an ex-Server admin - Russell Zera. Following that talk, we will have an open mic night! Step on up and talk about anything Atlassian that interests you!


About this event

Talk 1 (~40 Minutes) - Russell Zera - Embracing Jira Cloud: Tips from an ex-Server admin
Abstract: Most long-time Jira Server Admins, like myself, were skeptical of Jira Cloud. But now, I'm a proud Jira Cloud convert. 

Join me on my journey of migrating to Jira Cloud and learn the tips and tricks that helped me survive and thrive in a cloud world. I'll share the techniques to keeping your instance running smoothly (even when you can't log into the system to troubleshoot issues, restart it, or see where slowdowns are occurring). And, you'll learn how to navigate critical concerns areas around information assurance and security on the cloud. 

Open Mic Night (Time Remaining) - Step right up! Have a moment in the spotlight to talk about any Atlassian topic that interests you! Maybe you wanted to ask the user group a question, or get their inputs on something you have done. It's open mic night, so everything is on the table!


9:30 PMArrival and Networking
10:00 PMWelcome and Introduction
10:20 PMTalk 1 - Embracing Jira Cloud: Tips from an ex-Server admin - Russell Zera
11:00 PMTalk 1 - Q&A
11:10 PMOpen Mic Night
12:00 AMWrap-up / Networking

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