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Jira Etiquette Workshop


May 31, 2018, 10:00 PM UTC – June 1, 2018, 1:00 AM UTC

This Philly AUG Event will be a workshop where we will break into groups and work together to share ideas and collaborate to define and discuss effective etiquette guidelines that hold true regardless of industry or discipline.


About this event

Join us on Thursday, May 31st at 6:00pm in the 18th Floor Social Hub at Elsevier Inc (1600 John F Kennedy Blvd {4 Penn Center}, Philadelphia, PA 19103) where we will workshop Jira Etiquette. This workshop will be structured in a manner where AUG members will work with each other to develop a list of common etiquette guidelines that can help users/teams/companies more effectively use Jira to track work, communicate with each other, and provide transparency into progress.

This event is discipline agnostic. We will have two parts to this workshop:
1) Groups of like-disciplines (Developers, PMs, PMOs, Scrum Masters, UX, Quality Engineers, DevOps, etc) will work together to develop and present a common list of guidelines of what each discipline needs in effective tool usage.

2) Groups of cross-disciplines will work together to develop and present a common list of guidelines outlining how we can best work together and serve each others needs in effective tool usage.

The outcome of this workshop will be a distribution-ready document of recommended Jira Etiquette that any user/team/company can use to more effectively use Jira to achieve future success.

Food and Beverages will be provided.

We have made adjustments from our last event and will have volunteers looking to allow you into the building and ensure you can get through the building to the social hub more effectively than last event. Just let the volunteer know "I'm here for the AUG event".


10:00 PMWelcome / Opening Remarks / Workshop overview and Guidelines
10:15 PMWorkshop Round 1 : Same Discipline Discussions
10:45 PMWorkshop Round 1 : Presentation
11:00 PMWorkshop Round 2 : Cross-Discipline Discussions
11:30 PMWorkshop Round 2 : Presentation
11:45 PMWrap-up and Social

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