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Not Just Issues: Using Jira Data to Connect People and Teams

Apr 6, 2023, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Never have stale data again. Learn how to keep stakeholders and non-technical teams aligned with visual representations of your Jira projects and keep your Jira data up to date in spreadsheets and Gantt charts without tedious manual updates.


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About this event

You’ve created a universe and written a story -- every minute detail, from the design to the acceptance criteria. Plan. Scope. Iterate. Rescope. Report. But now they want in – the outsiders. The external stakeholders, the sales teams, the marketers. They want to play in your carefully curated universe and make it their own. So how do you maintain control of your ecosystem when everyone wants transparency and access to your project plans? That’s where Visor comes in. Visor allows you to handpick the data you visualize and share so that everyone gets their own version of the story… without tainting yours. Move it, change it, color-code it, and follow the rules (or don’t). Tell the stories your stakeholders care about while still maintaining the integrity of your boards (and licenses). Keep other teams in the loop without manually updating spreadsheets, Gantt charts, or stakeholder reports. 


  • Rae Foote


    Product Success Manager

Community Leaders

  • Derrick Taylor David

    Atlassian Community Event Leader - Phoenix, Arizona

    Atlassian User Group Leader

  • Alex Johnson


    Senior Software Development Engineer

  • Josh Costella

    Senior Manager, Modern Service Management

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