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Your survival guide to JQL and master the Jira/Confluence integration

Mon, Aug 2, 2021, 12:00 PM (MST)

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Your survival guide to JQL and master the Jira/Confluence integration: How to leverage these two powerful tools to launch your next spaceship? While Jira is your buzzing hive for everything that’s moving, it's not always easy to see the big picture and make sure that the train is heading in the right direction.

About this event

In this talk Rina will take you through two of the most powerful tools that project or product managers have at their disposal for understanding what's really going on in Jira

The talk will cover:

What is JQL?

Five must-know JQL examples

JQL and the Jira/Confluence integration: How to get the most out of Jira macros and charts in Confluence

How I stopped needing excel (in other words: How to capture timestamped static Jira data using RadBee’s Jira Snapshots in Confluence)  


  • Rina Nir

    Rina Nir



    Rina is the CEO of RadBee Ltd. As an Atlassian Solution Partner, RadBee helps medtech and pharma companies leverage the Atlassian tools to achieve regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies. We come from this industry and have experienced first-hand the sweat and pain that goes into Quality and Regulatory compliance. We cannot make the regulatory beast go away, but we surely know how to t…

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    Derrick Taylor David

    Elevation Solar

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    Alex Johnson


    Senior Software Development Engineer

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