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Lunch Tafel Sessie: "Accelerating our journey to the cloud, together" The end of server.... now what?

Oct 29, 2020, 11:00 – 11:45 AM

With the recent announcement by Atlassian that server licenses will no be available for purchase imminently and that all support will end by 2024, ACE Rotterdam is interested in hearing the Netherlands user base of Atlassian Server products what their thoughts are, what major concerns they have and what they will be doing to react to this significant change.


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About this event

Change Ahead!

With the recent announcement by Atlassian that server licenses will soon no longer be available for purchase and that all support will end by 2024, ACE Rotterdam is interested in hearing from the Netherlands (and Europe...) user base of Atlassian Server products: 

  • What are you thoughts/feelings at this time? 
  • What major concerns do you have? 
  • Do you believe in Cloud? Or will you move to DC?
  • What will you be doing the coming months/years to react to this significant change?

On the flip side, we are also looking to include current Cloud users in the discussion, especially anyone who has already completed a Server to Cloud migration:

  • Does Cloud do what you need it to do?
  • Are you satisfied?
  • If recently migrated, how is your Atlassian way of life, now that the change is made?
  • Was it successful/satisfactory?
  • Is your situation worse or better?

Format & No recording!

This is intended to be a "safe-zone" conversation, whereby people can freely & openly speak their mind, share valuable information/knowledge, and get a good idea on the changing landscape ahead. 

For some this is an extremely uncomfortable situation and thus we will not record this session.

As such there will also not be any Atlassian personnel present. A separate session with an Atlassian ambassador will be planned in due course


There will no formal topics or presentations, however we will have Imre Scheffers from Atlassian Users TIG (primarily server) and Andy Barker from Atlassian Users PTC (primarily Cloud) to start up conversations with their own reactions/experiences/war-stories


Call will be by Zoom! URL available after RSVP. No Waiting Room, but there is a Passcode (see invite after RSVP!)


  • Imre Scheffers


    Atlassian Consultant

  • Andy - The Rainbow Warrior

    Old Street Solutions

    Atlassian Experience Architect


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    ACE Rotterdam

    Chapter Leader,



Thursday, October 29, 2020
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM UTC


11:00 AMVirtual ACE - OPENING
11:45 AMVirtual ACE - CLOSING

Community Leaders

  • Fun Man Andy

    Atlassian Community

    ACE Leader

  • Laura Holton

    Atlassian Community Rotterdam | Valiantys

    ACE Leader | Marketing Whiz

  • Steve Rhodes

    Atlassian Community Leader

  • Carl Hendrix

    Community Leader

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