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Vorsprung durch (Atlassian) Technik... that is made by epic Marketplace Partners

Sep 28, 2023, 4:30 – 5:30 PM


You want your Enterprise business to have the Atlassian Stack! You wanna go fast & far, but be efficient & effective at the same… so, you need the right tools.

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About this event

Vorsprung durch (Atlassian) Technik...!!

You want your Enterprise business to have the Atlassian Stack! You wanna go fast & far, but be efficient & effective at the same… so, you need the right tools.

In this amazing Global Virtual Event, co-hosted in multiple cities in the world at different times of the day, four truly awesome Marketplace parties show off their ability to help your enterprises do all of that, and more!

Space Tools Pro for Confluence - The Swiss army knife for content management // Dave of Decadis

  • The ultimate collection of features for working successfully with Confluence - in any organization or team.
  • Confluence is based on spaces and pages. These key elements must be carefully managed if the goal is to collaborate on meaningful and up-to-date information. The more you get involved with managing Confluence content, the more challenges you'll face on a day-to-day basis.
  • Space Tools Pro for Confluence fills these gaps and gives you the tools to manage Confluence like a pro - from quickly creating or renaming pages to copying an entire space - all with a few clicks in one consolidated view.

How to bring Confluence content quality to new heights with page reviews and archiving workflows // Adrian of B1nary

  • Confluence is where teams store their knowledge and collaborate on any new project or idea. However, over time, the number of documents can virtually explode, so managing content quickly becomes an exhaustive and increasingly more difficult task. In this talk, Adrian will present Breeze - a novel content management solution that quickly erases outdated pages and makes your Confluence shine like never before.

Tailored Confluence Experience: Create a Personalized Workspace Universe // Imge of Caelor Apps

  • The power of content personalization can't be stressed enough, and it's no surprise that it has become the hottest trend in town. Everything these days seems tailor-made just for us, from our social media feeds to our evening Netflix binge-watching sessions. So, why should our Confluence workspace be any different?
  • Join us to explore the power of content personalization in Confluence. Learn to create a fully personalized workspace that enhances engagement and efficiency. Elevate your Confluence experience and stay ahead of the curve with us!

Jira, meet Microsoft Teams! Make interdisciplinary teams happier and work smarter together // Andreas of Yasoon

  • How can you organize projects in Jira transparently while communicating in Microsoft Teams? How can you make interdisciplinary teams happier? Atlassian and Microsoft have been partnering to connect autonomous teams, to unite work and information across tools. We’re going to look at the basic out-of-the-box and advanced integrations for Jira and Microsoft Teams (Atlassian’s Microsoft Teams app, Atlassian Assist, Microsoft 365 for Jira app).
  • Join the presentation to learn how to work with Microsoft Teams chat and channel conversations together with Jira and how to enhance your individual processes.

Special Event Competition: sponsored By Gliffy!

  • The Fun Man has been given some VERY exclusive swag… only four (4) limited edition Gliffy hats! (It was 5… he kept one for himself. LOL!)
  • Join in on the webinar fun and answer the event quiz to be in with a chance of winning one of these hats!


  • Dave Wünsch

    Decadis AG


  • Adrian Hülsmann


  • Imge Ünlü


    Partner Manager

  • Andreas Schmidt

    yasoon GmbH

    Co-Founder & CEO



    Atlassian Community

    Global Community Events Leader

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  • Fun Man Andy

    Atlassian Community

    ACE Leader

  • Laura Holton

    Atlassian Community Rotterdam | Adaptavist

    ACE Leader | Marketing Whiz

  • Steve Rhodes

    Atlassian Community Leader

  • Carl Hendrix

    Community Leader

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