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Working from home efficiently: Webinar #4 - CONFLUENCE

Apr 9, 2020, 2:30 – 3:30 PM

Almost everyone in the world is working at home now and that has some consequences. It’s hard to stay focused, to be as productive as you would be in the office and to keep your sanity while operating from your home office. Through a series of 4 webinars we will shed light on being more productive from home! WEBINAR #4 = CONFLUENCE


About this event


The Corona virus has had and continues to have devastating effects on human safety and health.

Most governments have taken serious precautions and most of us are working at home right now. And by now, as you have most likely noticed, working from home is somewhat different than being in the comfort of your office chair.

But the guys at Yiraphic believe that your productivity doesn't have to suffer due to the change of a comfortable working chair.

And what is even better?

You can use the software that (most of) you currently have at your own disposal; i.e. the Atlassian tools: Jira, Confluence and more!

Join them and your ACE hosts from AMS & RTM Chapters as Yiraphic (remotely) take over the NL Atlassian Community Events for FOUR weeks long, providing you the ultimate Atlassian guide to “Working from home efficiently!”


Yiraphic, PTC and more Atlassian-using companies will take you deep into the world of Confluence, arguably the biggest "rabbit hole" of all of Atlassian's products and tools!

Typically Confluence is designed as a team work space, often used for knowledge management, (project) collaboration and employee engagement, amongst a variety of other purposes and use cases... but how does that purpose change now that the world is WFH! Are we collaborating better than ever...? Or our we letting bad habits, lack of focus and home-life distract us from moving work forward?

The goal should be simple: maintain efficiency, move work forward, keep collaboration and this session will help inspire you and your teams to achieve that goal; remotely and together!

Let's get online, let's get virtual and let's get more efficient & collaborative together!


Atlassian is launching a new and improved way to join into the Zoom Rooms.

After registration you will receive a handy "Virutal Event URL" link on your ACE confirmation ticket!

The webinar starts at 16:30 CET. For your local time zone, check this handy link:


We have had many requests for a recording due to timings/availability.

We are sorry to disappoint but we just cannot due to GDPR regulations as we will all be proactively sharing sensitive data/stories/information.


  • Imre Scheffers


    Atlassian Consultant



    ACE Rotterdam

    Chapter Leader,



Thursday, April 9, 2020
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM UTC


2:30 PMWebinar opens
3:30 PMWebinar closes

Community Leaders

  • Fun Man Andy

    Atlassian Community

    ACE Leader

  • Laura Holton

    Atlassian Community Rotterdam | Adaptavist

    ACE Leader | Marketing Whiz

  • Steve Rhodes

    Atlassian Community Leader

  • Carl Hendrix

    Community Leader

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