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Summit Preview at Airbnb HQ in San Francisco (second session)

Sep 12, 2017, 12:30 – 3:00 AM

Join us for a special Atlassian user group event at Airbnb HQ hosting an Atlassian Summit sneak preview. Presentations: Making Software for the Software Makers: How Atlassian Teams use JIRA Software -AND- Expecto Performa! The Magic and Reality of Performance Tuning. Atlassian Presenters: Jason Wong, Jake Brereton, Matt Shelton, and Denise Unterwurzacher


About this event

PREVIEW two Atlassian presentations to be delivered at Summit:

Making Software for the Software Makers: How Atlassian Teams use JIRA Software

Ever wondered how internal Atlassian teams push JIRA Software to the limit? At Atlassian each team defines a process that best meets their unique needs and challenges. In this talk Product and Marketing Management duo Jason Wong and Jake Brereton will share insights into how Atlassian teams harness and stress test JIRA Software to get their teams humming. 

You'll leave this session with a behind-the-scenes look at how our teams:

  • Build custom views that put the right information in front of every team, role, and specialization
  • Add depth and accuracy to status tracking with deep developer tool integrations
  • Use add-ons to ensure all team members are fully connected to a common workflow

Expecto Performa! The Magic and Reality of Performance Tuning

In the enterprise there are rarely simple solutions to highly nuanced problems that satisfy all needs. Several customers might each ask "How do I make Jira/Confluence faster?" and each require a different answer. Using this example, this talk will pick apart the inputs, outputs, concerns, and realities of answering a short question with a long answer. We'll then discuss real-world examples from our own internal instances, to give you a taste of the process we've gone through to solve our own performance problems, and to show why there is no simple playbook; "it depends" on a lot! 

The key takeaways are:

  • The importance of having a shared definition of performance
  • The importance of having agreed-upon priorities, including what isn't important
  • The importance of measuring (allthethings) and understanding them
  • The thing you think is the problem might not be the problem, and vice versa.
  • The real world and the ideal world tend to look nothing alike!


  • Jake Brereton


    Senior Manager, JIRA Software Product Marketing

  • Jason Wong


    Cloud Migrations Product Manager

  • Matt Shelton


    Technical Account Manager

  • Denise Unterwurzacher





Tuesday, September 12, 2017
12:30 AM – 3:00 AM UTC


12:30 AMEarly Registration
1:00 AMRegistration & Drinks
1:30 AMDinner
1:50 AMMaking Software for the Software Makers: How Atlassian Teams us JIRA Software
2:30 AMQ&A
2:45 AMExpecto Performa! The Magic and Reality of Performance Tuning
3:15 AMQ&A
3:30 AMClose

Community Leaders

  • Vish Reddy

    ACE Leader

  • Nirmani Kalakheti

    Community Leader

  • Matt Doar

    Community Leader

  • Jessica Zeng


  • Ana Pelina


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