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What's new in Jira Cloud; Confluence & Jira for startups and smaller teams

Dec 6, 2018, 7:00 – 9:30 AM

Join us for our last AUG of the year as we bring two interesting topics - 1. Anti-patterns and missed opportunities in startups and small teams: Confluence & Jira come to the rescue! presented by : Faras Zuheir 2. Excited about Jira Cloud? Good! We've got two Atlassians to talk about what's new Jira Cloud and how your teams can make the most of it : presented by : Eoin Ryan and Julien Femia


About this event

Hi All,

With the holiday season just around the corner, join us for the last AUG event of the year as we line up following speakers for you. 

Hope to see you there!

Team AUG.

Anti-patterns and missed opportunities in startups and small teams: Confluence & Jira come to the rescue! | Presented by: Faras Zuheir

Many startups and small teams are constrained by the size of the team, time to deliver and certainly budget. Many of them prefer Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence.

In their pursuit towards success, it’s tempting to take shortcuts, do a thing or two in a way that may ostensibly seem right but actually not or run an anti-pattern; all of which will inevitably carry long-term shortcomings, if not missed opportunities.

The question is, what are those anti-patterns and why do they happen? What needs to be done in startups and small teams to shift into high gear? Here come Confluence and Jira to the rescue!

The new Jira begins now | Presented by: Eoin Ryan and Julien Femia

To build the new Jira, Atlassian redesigned both the technical stack and rethought the user experience from the ground up. That’s not an easy change, given how important Jira has become for virtually every company that develops software — and given that it is Atlassian’s flagship product.

The changes include improvements to the UI, APIs and features with the goal of simplifying the experience for the now 16-year-old product.

Come and see some of these exciting changes directly from one of the Atlassian JIRA teams involved in bringing the new Jira to life: Eoin Ryan, Senior Product Manager and Julien Femia, Senior Development team lead.


  • Faras Zuheir


    Business Analyst | Product Owner

  • Eoin Ryan


    Senior Product Manager

  • Julien Femia


    Senior Development team lead


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Welcome by AUG leaders
Presentation by : Faras Zuheir
Presentation by: Eoin Ryan and Julien Femia
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