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Unleash Agile & DevOps in Tulsa

Jan 11, 10:00 PM – Jan 12, 1:00 AM

Join fellow Atlassian product users, agile & DevOps practitioners, and super fans for a user-driven Atlassian Community event!


Community Led ConferenceUnleash

About this event

Join our community of innovators to explore today’s agile trends and challenges and how to tackle them with industry best practices, customer stories, and peer-to-peer connections. At this Atlassian Community event, you’ll walk away with actionable insights on how to inspire your teams to build and ship world-class products, together.

Session #1: Super-charging Agile & DevOps workflows with Forge by Neil Mansilla

Developer Productivity is top of mind for many software teams these days, and Jira’s flexible workflow engine allows teams to streamline workflows to improve the efficiency of their developers. But in the age of Artificial Intelligence, wouldn’t it be great if Jira workflows were a bit… smarter?

Imagine if you could build a Scrum workflow that could validate that a Story is actually a well-formatted user story. Or a Kanban board where Work-In-Progress limits are’t just red columns, but actually block transitions if too much work is in progress. Or a DevOps incident workflow that orders a cocktail for the incident manager after a stressful incident is resolved.

Well it turns out, you can! In this session, we’ll show you how to expand Jira’s workflow capabilities by building your own custom workflow conditions, validators, and post-functions using Atlassian’s Forge platform.

Forge apps run in the Atlassian Cloud, and the development platform is available on all editions of our cloud products. Though this presentation will involve a small amount of code, Forge is a “low code” platform accessible to any technical team member who has a passing familiarity with JavaScript. Jira users, admins, scrum masters, developers, and other technical team members with a passion for Agile or DevOps will get the most out of this talk.

Attendees will walk away with:

the skills to implement custom workflow conditions, validators, and post-functions using Forge

a practical set of ideas for enhancing their own teams' Agile & DevOps workflows

an introduction to the capabilities and opportunities available via the Atlassian Forge platform

Session #2: Shaping up your teamwork in 2024! by Mark Cruth

Teamwork is tough, and it’s not getting easier. As more teams switch to remote or hybrid work models, building and maintaining a sense of connection and shared purpose among team members is becoming increasingly challenging.

If we're going to get our teams healthy, we need to hit the teamwork gym!

Learn four simple exercises from Atlassian that you can start using tomorrow to get your team in shape and be more productive and innovative in 2024.


  • Mark Cruth


    Modern Work Coach

  • Neil Mansilla


    Developer Advocate



January 11 – 12, 2024
10:00 PM – 1:00 AM UTC


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