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20th May, Trello (free) deadline day - How to navigate the change

May 20, 3:30 – 4:30 PM

From 20th May, Trello Free subscribers will be limited to 10 collaborators per workspace. Never fear, Trello legend Brittany Joiner and Trello lover Dreamsuite Mike are here to help you through... Join us for this live-stream to understand the change, what 'collaborators' actually means, tips and hacks to help you through the change and to ask us any questions you have.



About this event

From 20th May Trello Free users will be limited to 10 collaborators per workspace.  
More than 10 collaborators in your workspace, your boards will be frozen 😧
If you think it's too late, it's not!

Brittany Joiner and Dreamsuite Mike will give everything you need to make this day as painless as possible:

  🔹Explaining the change in quick and simple terms

  🔹Understanding the Trello language  (what's a collaborator, single-board guest, multi-board guest!?)

  🔹How to navigate the change with the best hacks, as well as how to buy yourself more time

  🔹Live Q&A

  🔹Brittany and Mike will give their thoughts on why paying for Trello holds so much more value than just removing the free limits


  • Brittany Joiner

    How I Trello

    Productivity Architect

  • Mike Day


Community Leader

  • Dan Tombs


    Atlassian Architect & Community Leader

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