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Welcome all to Greater Noida chapter of the Atlassian Community! We strive to connect people who are users or want to use Atlassian tools. Our objective is to share knowledge and learn together. All events (virtual/online/hybrid) are FREE of cost. Join us to share insights, learn, and connect within a dynamic community.

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ACE virtual event

Revolutionizing Test Case Design & Generation w/ AI & JIRA: Strategies & Demo

In an era where efficiency and precision are paramount in software development, traditional test case design and generation methods are being outpaced. This talk aims to explore the challenges inherent in conventional approaches and introduce a groundbreaking solution: leveraging AI to not only streamline these processes but also enhance accuracy and productivity. Let's explore it here.


ACE in-person event

Kick start Greater Noida ACE

A New Start is Born :) Atlassian Community Event (ACE) Chapter for Greater Noida chapter is just formed and with this in-person ACE we want to kick start our journey of learning, networking and all things community with Atlassian. We will all meet, learn about ACE, set our vision together, and networking on Lunch.


ACE virtual event

Agile Project Management with Jira

"Agile Project Management with Jira" this talk will cover practical strategies for enhancing collaboration, maintaining productivity, and leveraging tools to make the most of Scrum ceremonies, even when teams are not co-located.

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