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Welcome to the Littleton Atlassian Community Events chapter!

As an attendee at one of our events, you can expect to:

Share and learn Atlassian product knowledge, best practices, and case studies

Provide valuable user input to Atlassian, so they can keep making great products for us to use

Network and build a support system with fellow Atlassian product users


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Past events

ACE in-person event

Denver ACE September 2023 with Atlassian

ACE virtual event

Lunch and Learn with Old Street Solutions Custom Charts for Jira

ACE virtual event

Dependency Workflow - Littleton ACE

ACE in-person event

Littleton, Colorado Kickoff Event - IN PERSON MEET & GREET

Global sponsors

Group Leaders

Adam Nichols

Senior Manager of Process

Kayla Kozlowski

Atlassian Admin
DISH Wireless

Carlos Madera

Atlassian Community Events Leader
DISH Wireless

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