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About Malmö Atlassian Community

Welcome to the Malmö Atlassian Community! Our group is dedicated to bringing together Atlassian users, admins, and enthusiasts in the Malmö area. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned expert, our community offers a supportive space to connect, learn, and grow.

What We Offer:

Events and Meetups: Regular gatherings to share knowledge, discuss best practices, and network.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with local professionals and build valuable relationships.

Learning Resources: Access to insights, tips, and the latest updates from the Atlassian ecosystem.

Join us and be part of a vibrant community where collaboration and innovation thrive. Let's build something great together!

Upcoming events

27 jun 2024

ACE in-person event

Join Us for the Malmö Atlassian Community Kickoff Event!

Join us to connect with local Atlassian users, share insights, and network. Perfect for newbies and seasoned pros alike!

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Group Leaders

Ciara Twomey Nielsen

Community Leader

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