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Atlassian Community Events are free, user-led meetups happening in cities all over the world. Meet other Atlassian enthusiasts!

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ACE in-person event

Hybrid Event: High Velocity ITSM in Bangalore

Join fellow Atlassian product users, Agile & DevOps practitioners, ITSM Heroes and super fans for a user-driven Atlassian Community event!

Past events

ACE virtual event

Building Cyber Resilience: Safeguarding Jira & Bitbucket Against Hacks and Outages

ACE virtual event

QW2 - BBQ & Coffee VS JirAvengers - Round 25 - Grand Finale

ACE virtual event

Deciphering Atlassian Ventures - ‘how innovation meets collaboration’

ACE virtual event

Whiteboards & Databases in Confluence

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