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Atlassian Community Nairobi is an award-winning community. (SET THE STANDARD 2018 - Atlassian Summit 2018, MOST ACTIVE in EMEA 2017-Atlassian Summit Europe 2017), (Global MASTERS OF CONVERSION WINNER 2017-Atlassian Summit US 2017) and (SET THE STANDARD 2022- TEAM 22). The Atlassian Community Nairobi encourages better use of Atlassian tools, and shares best practices, case studies, and individual perspectives. This Community has an abundance of Atlassian Experts and customers in the area - let's take advantage of each other's expertise. If you've got a topic to present or questions you need to be answered, we're here to help. RSVP to our next meeting or join the group to be notified of upcoming events and Atlassian Community news.

Upcoming events

9 mar 2024

ACE in-person event

Welcome to High Velocity ITSM Nyeri (DeKUT)

Atlassian Presents: High Velocity is dedicated to empowering development, IT, and business teams to deliver legendary service experiences through the Atlassian ITSM solution that provides autonomy and alignment. Empower teams to deliver exceptional service experiences across their organizations by learning best practices and watching demos directly from product leaders. Get your ticket!

Past events

ACE in-person event

Welcome to High Velocity ITSM Mombasa

ACE in-person event

High Velocity: Asset Management Unlocked

ACE in-person event

Atlas: What is it.

ACE in-person event

Welcome to 2024: Build Confidence & a Career with Atlassian

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