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12 черв. 2024 р.

ACE virtual event

SLC-Lansing: "Did you know" - how to do a fun size Atlassian enablement training

Enablement training doesn't have to be hard and boring. Kristján Mathiesen will show us how he keeps his company up to date on the changes in the Cloud in a clever, easy way. Spend lunch learning how to train your users and empower them to take full advantage of the Atlassian stack.

19 черв. 2024 р.

ACE virtual event

Team 24 - Key Takeaways Roundtable

Team 24 saw an incredible amount of amazing new announcements from Atlassian. If you didn't get the chance to make it there, or if you want to hear what others took from the event join us at the Glasgow ACE event for a roundtable recap on Team 24!

28 черв. 2024 р.

ACE virtual event

Are you smarter than a Jira admin? | June 2024

Welcome to "Are You Smarter Than a Jira Admin".. a dynamic series designed for the Jira enthusiasts and professionals. Hosted in collaboration with the esteemed Atlassian University team, this monthly event promises to be the ultimate proving ground for your Jira skills and knowledge.

Past events

ACE in-person event

"Unsere Confluence-Cloud-Migration war ein großer Erfolg"... Wirklich?

ACE virtual event

Team Playbook Live - Visualize the experience with Customer Journey Mapping

ACE virtual event

Jira Service Management Unleashed: ITSM, ESM, and AI Innovations

ACE virtual event

Team Playbook Live - Making effective decisions with DACI

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