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Atlassian Community Events are free, user-led meetups happening in cities all over the world. Meet other Atlassian enthusiasts! Let's learn from each other. If you've got a topic to present or questions you need to be answered, we're here to help. RSVP to our next meeting or join the group to be notified of upcoming events and Atlassian Community news.

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Mar 20, 2024

ACE in-person event

Separating Ideation from Development with Jira Product Discovery + more!

Join us on the 20th of March for an exclusive evening of Atlassian networking with free pizza and beverages. Learn to evaluate marketplace apps focusing on security and privacy, get to know more about Jira Product Discovery and gain insights from Currys PLC's success story.

Past events

ACE in-person event

High Velocity ITSM Oslo: Unleashing the Power of AI in Service Management

ACE in-person event

Uncover the Secrets to Building Unbreakable Teams and a Seamless Cloud Migration

ACE in-person event

Oslo Atlassian Community Events kick off: let's talk about Jira!

ACE in-person event

How Insight helps businesses increase productivity in Enterprise Service Management

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