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27 jun 2024

ACE virtual event

CyberRisks in DevOps- real-life stories and top practices to stay ahead of hackers and insiders

Are you aware of cyber risks in DevOps and how they can impact your business? Gregory Zagraba, Presales Engineer from will explore the biggest cyber threats to DevOps environments, including Bitbucket, and Jira with an ultimate review of top risks. But in order not to leave you in the crosshairs of hackers, human errors, and malicious insiders, he will also get in-depth insights o

28 jun 2024

ACE virtual event

Are you smarter than a Jira admin? | June 2024

Welcome to "Are You Smarter Than a Jira Admin".. a dynamic series designed for the Jira enthusiasts and professionals. Hosted in collaboration with the esteemed Atlassian University team, this monthly event promises to be the ultimate proving ground for your Jira skills and knowledge.

11 jul 2024

ACE virtual event

The Next KPIs: How to implement OKRs in Jira

OKR framework has driven success for companies like Intel, Google, and Netflix. We’ll explore how you can apply this powerful approach to your company, team, and even personal life. Join us to learn about OKRs on simple examples and discover 5 effective ways to implement them in Jira.

13 jul 2024

ACE in-person event

Master Jira Data Extraction (No-Code Solutions) and Atlassian Marketplace

- Master Jira Data Extraction: No-Code Solutions for Admins - Atlassian Marketplace - A platform for Atlassian customers to discover, try, and buy apps for Atlassian products

Past events

ACE in-person event

AI-Driven SDLC: Transforming Product Development with Generative Technology

Hybrid event

Team '24 Community-led conference - Pune : June 8, 2024

ACE virtual event

Agile Project Management with Jira

ACE in-person event

Kick start Greater Noida ACE

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