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Quiz Wiz



QuizWiz brings Community Members, Leaders, Marketplace Partners, Atlassian's together to compete in a 'bar trivia' style game answering questions about general and tech for fame and glory.

Check out our 2022 edition here on YouTube.

Upcoming events

Nov 30, 2023

ACE virtual event

QW2- Jiravengers VS We have issues! - Round 19

QuizWiz is not your ordinary quiz show. It combines the adrenaline rush of a high-stakes competition with the excitement of learning something new. Our show features a diverse range of challengindg categories, covering everything from history and science to pop culture, sports and tech and of course Atlassian Trivia.

Past events

ACE virtual event

QW2- Slytherin VS Pink Panther - Round 18

ACE virtual event

QW2- Wonder Wandas VS Thaikkudam Bridge - Round 17

ACE virtual event

QW2- Agatha Quiztie VS Royals - Round 16

ACE virtual event

QW2- Alluva VS Grummies - Round 15

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Group Leaders

Sajit Nair

Atlassian Community Leader | Delhi-Gurugram

Sarika Dalal

Atlassian Community Leader | Mumbai

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