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Greetings, Changemakers, Welcome to the Teamwork Lab! From individual teams to entire companies, people have shared beliefs, rituals, and operating principles. It is these human engagements that make up the magic behind memorable, successful teams. This group gets that. We are leaders of humanity in teamwork. We seek to improve our teams, our companies, and ourselves, coaching each other and sharing lessons learned.

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Dec 14, 2023

ACE virtual event

Team Playbook Live - Build Your Network of Teams

Let’s dive into the Network of Teams Play! Cross-team collaboration is essential to delivering work, and creating issue-links won’t guarantee success. Along with identifying the teams we need help from, we also need to understand the state of our relationship with those teams. The Network of Teams Play is designed to help you identify the cross-team relationships your team needs to be successful!

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ACE virtual event

Team Playbook Live - Work differently together with Working Agreements

ACE virtual event

Team Playbook Live - Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities

ACE virtual event

Team Poster - Get your team on the same page

ACE virtual event

Fail Tales: a storytelling event in celebration of failure

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Mark Cruth

Modern Work Expert and Evangelist

Sven Peters

DevOps Advocate

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