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Atlassian Community en Tenerife y enel mundo virtualmente

Upcoming events

23 may 2024

ACE virtual event

Resumen Atlassian Team 24

Un resumen de nuestra visita a las Vegas al evento mundial de Atlassian : Team 24 , Novedades , updates y anuncios durante el evento :)

Past events

ACE in-person event

Desayuno: ¿Que esperamos del Atlassian Team 24?

ACE virtual event

Atlassian Forge in Focus: Elevate Your App Dev Game in 25 Minutes

ACE virtual event

Tenerife - Atlassian Community Leader - AMA (ASK me Anything) -Spanish & English

ACE virtual event

Coffee Chat: Atlassian y tu :)

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Antonio Ferruz

Atlassian Community Leader

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